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Coastside Traffic & Trails Planning - April 2011

California State Hwy 1 - Moss Beach to Devil's Slide Tunnel
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  For current information about Coastside traffic and trails planning try these links: The video above and the information below is from 2011 - 2012:
Planning for the improvement of traffic and trails on the Coastside portion of the California State Highway 1 corridor is in progress. This video features public meetings held in April 2011 that were focused on the area from Devil's Slide Tunnel (south portal) to Moss Beach (south of San Francisco). There's also footage of the highway at areas of concern to the community. The goal of the planning process is to improve safety and mobility for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. A follow-up meeting was held in May 2011 in El Granada and you can find information and videos at this link:
'Presentation of Plan Concepts'.

In January 2012 San Mateo County Planning Dept released these four documents on their SMC Hwy 1 webpage: Other links: