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Fret & Fiddle page of videos
Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers Peat-Fire Flame set
Michael John Ahern I Believe - with Douglas Mandell & Chris Martin
Ian Butler My Dead Atheist Friend - with William Oaks
Dave Crimmen Beautiful Women
Colyn Fischer J. Scott Skinner Set - solo
page - with Shauna Pickett-Gordon
page - with Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers
Tom Fraser War Zone
Nomi Harper The Beauty In You
Mark Kostrzewa Victory's Garden
Solstice of Solitude
Martha Lou
Solve for X - with Jason Cuttler
Heart of the Matter - with Jason Cuttler
Noche Estrellada - with Mike McCall
You Will Always See - with LizAnah
LizAnah True Colors - with Sean Griffin & Doug Ott
Fade to Black - with Sean Griffin
You Will Always See - with Mark Kostrzewa
Randy Mahrer Charis
Mike McCall Noche Estrellada - with Mark Kostrzewa
Megan McLaughlin My Next Life
Auri Naggar music, haunted house, radio interviews, articles
Kevy Nova She Makes (a short version)
Mourning Time
Bob Peterson Writer's Block
Shauna Pickett-Gordon page - with Colyn Fischer
page - with Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers
Teddy Randazzo Jr. Tribute to King David
Eddie Raymond Damned Old Machines - with Peter Innes
Vera Vanderschalk Tarantas (traditional Spanish flamenco)
Adrienne Lovelock
& Peter Day
Sailor Home From the Sea
Across the Great Divide
Take Me Up to Heaven
4th St. Experience Noche Estrellada - Mike McCall & Mark Kostrzewa
Beargrass Creek Crossing the Border
Border Fiddles Four sample videos - concert in Hawick, Scotland 2008
Califuegos Caballos - for the parade in Coastside Dogs 2
Clarty Cloot
Ceilidh Band
Scottish Ceilidh Dancing (Spootiskerry, Willafjord, Homeward Bound, Brenda Stubbert's Reel)
The Don Giovannis Ti Voglio Tanto Bene
Torna a Surriento
Fingerpuppets Josephine
Fret & Fiddle page with all videos
Irish, Scottish, Bluegrass sampler - New Leaf
medley at Hop Dogma
Irish music medley - HMB Wine & Cheese
shout out & a bit of "Pigeons on the Gate"
Star of the County Down
Cripple Creek
Whiskey Before Breakfast
The Keller Sisters Hillbilly Blond - Sheryl & Kerry
Marching Bands Marching Bands from Fogfest 2012 - Cabrillo-Vallemar, Jefferson, Terra Nova, Ingrid B Lacy
Mark Reid Peace From the Heart - Mark Binion & Dennis Reid
Molly's Revenge Angelica's March 2011 - David Brewer intro
Colyn and Shauna Page - Colyn Fischer & Shauna Pickett-Gordon
Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers Page (PSF) - Scotland tour 2008
Radio Rebelde Desde el Espejo - Javier Villanueva & Fausto Contreras
San Francisco
Taiko Dojo
Hiryu San Dan Gaeshi - Rising Stars

Video link: Fret and Fiddle shout out and play bit of Pigeons on the Gate   Fret & Fiddle Music Videos

Fret and Fiddle medley at Hop Dogma   Fret & Fiddle
Medley at Hop Dogma

Oct 2016 - 2:11

Mark Kostrzewa video 'Victory's Garden'   Mark Kostrzewa
"Victory's Garden"

2011 - 5:14

videov link: marching Bands at Fogfest 2012   Marching Bands at Fogfest 2012
bands from four schools march in the parade
2012 - 6:20

Video Link: LizAnah - True Colors   LizAnah
"True Colors"
with Sean Griffin & Doug Ott

2011 - 7:13

Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers - Peat-Fire  Flame set - Link   Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers
"Peat-Fire Flame" set

2008 - 4:35

PSF Scotland Tour Video Page

Video Link - Megan McLaughlin My Next Life   Megan McLaughlin
"My Next Life"

2013 - 5:40

Video Link: Michael John Ahern : 'I Believe'   Michael John Ahern
"I Believe"

2011 - 6:53

video: Kevy Nova -She Makes - Link   Kevy Nova
"She Makes"
a short version
2009 - 1:42

Video Link: Colyn Fischer & Shauna Pickett Gordon: The Carle Cam Oer the Craft   Colyn Fischer &
Shauna Pickett-Gordon
"The Carle Cam' O'er the Craft"

2010 - 3:14

Video Link: keller Sisters : 'Hillbilly Blond'   The Keller Sisters
"Hillbilly Blond"

2012 - 3:17

video link - Border Fiddles samples   Border Fiddles
four sample videos

Hawick, Scotland

Clarty Cloot Ceilidh Band - Scottish ceilidh - Video link   Clarty Cloot Ceilidh Band
Scottish Ceilidh Dancing

Ednam, Scotland
2008 - 9:02

Fret and Fiddle 'Cripple Creek   Fret & Fiddle
"Cripple Creek"

May 2016 - 3:58

Mark Kostrzewa video 'Heart of the Matter'   Mark Kostrzewa & Jason Cuttler
"Heart of the Matter"

2010 - 5:00

Colyn Fischer & Shauna Pickett-Gordon perform The Astronomer   Colyn Fischer
& Shauna Pickett-Gordon
"The Astronomer"

2009 - 4:34
Colyn & Shauna video page

Fingerpuppets ' Josephine' video fogfest 2010 Link   Fingerpuppets

2010 - 4:10

Video Link: Molly's Revenge - David Brewer - Angelica's - 2011   Molly's Revenge at Angelica's
Intro by David Brewer
2011 - 1:00

LizAhna Fade to Black video   LizAnah
"Fade to Black"
with Sean Griffin

2009 - 4:10

LizAnah and Mark Kostrzewa play LizAnah's 'You Will Always See'   LizAnah
"You Will Always See"
with Mark Kostrzewa

2009 - 4:16

Vera Vanderschalk - Soleares video   Vera Vanderschalk

2009 - 3:37

Video Link: Vera Vanderschalk Spanish Flemanco guitar - Tarantas   Vera Vanderschalk

2010 - 5:17

Bob Peterson - Writer's Block video link   Bob Peterson
"Writer's Block"

2009 - 3:22

Nomi Harper - The Beauty In You   Nomi Harper
"The Beauty In You"

2009 - 4:09

Video Link: Adrienne Lovelock & Peter Day: Take Me Up to heaven   Adrienne & Peter
"Sailor Home From the Sea"

2011 - 4:04

Mike Mcall & Mark Kostrzewa play Mike's 'Noche Estrellada'   Mike McCall & Mark Kostrzewa
"Noche Estrellada" (Starry Night)

2009 - 4:37

Kevy Nova - Mourning Time   Kevy Nova
"Mourning Time"

2009 - 4:17

Video Link - Coastside Dogs 2   Califuegos

For the parade in Coastside Dogs 2
2012 - 3:38

Mark Reid song: Peace From the Heart - Link   Mark Reid
"Peace From the Heart"

2010 - 6:03

Ian Butler and Bill Oaks performs Ian's song 'My Dead Atheist Friend' - Link   Ian Butler
"My Dead Atheist Friend"
with William Oaks

2009 - 4:02

Dave Crimmen 'Beautiful Women' start   Dave Crimmen
"Beautiful Women"

2009 - 2:35

Tom Fraser - War Zone video   Tom Fraser
"War Zone"

2009 - 3:58

Randy Mahrer - Charis   Randy Mahrer

2009 - 4:30

Teddy Randazzo - King David Video - Link   Teddy Randazzo Jr.
"Tribute to King David"

2009 - 5:12

Video: Eddie Raymond and Peter Innes 'Damned Old Machines' i link   Eddie Raymond
"Damned Old Machines"
with Peter Innes

2010 - 4:51

Beargrass Creek 'Crossing the Border' video start   Beargrass Creek
"Crossing the Border"

2009 - 3:46

video link - The Don Giovannis Torna a Surriento   The Don Giovannis
"Torna a Surriento"
Composed in Italy about 1902
2009 - 4:39

The Don Giovannis - Ti Voglio Tanto Bene Video - Link   The Don Giovannis
"Ti Voglio Tanto Bene"

"I love you so much"
Composed in Italy about 1905
2009 - 4:42

Colyn Fischer and Shauna Pickett-Gordon 'Mind your Step' video Link   "Mind Your Step"
Colyn Fischer
& Shauna Pickett-Gordon

2009 - 2:00
Colyn & Shauna video page

Radio Rebelde 'Desde el Espejo - Start video   Radio Rebelde
"Desde el Espejo"

2009 - 4:17

Video Link: Adrienne Lovelock & Peter Day: Take Me Up to heaven   Adrienne & Peter
"Across the Great Divide"

2011 - 3:13

San Francisco Taiko Dojo Rising Stars at 7th St   San Francisco
Taiko Dojo Rising Stars
"Hiryu San Dan Gaeshi"

2009 - 2:49

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