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music video:
Colyn Fischer and Shauna Pickett-Gordon
"The Carle Cam' O'er the Craft"

April 2010 - Miramar, CA

Colyn Fischer on fiddle and Shauna Pickett-Gordon on piano perform a traditional Scottish fiddle tune "The Carle Cam' O'er the Craft" by Lord Macdonald at the Douglas Beach House in Miramar, CA. The event was a scholarship fundraiser for AAUW. Sheet music with lyrics below (printed in 1725). Video Production by Coastside Video.

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Sheet music for 'The Carle came o'er the Craft' from 'Orpheus Caledonius', or a collection of the most celebrated Scotch songs. Compiled by William Thomson and printed in 1725. This page was copied from the National Library of Scotland website. Orpheus Caledonius is described on the NLS website as the first printed collection of Scottish songs united to their melodies.

Sheet music - Carle came over the craft from orpheus caledonius 1725